Client Testimonials

If you want results, definitely see Sacha!

I’ve been training with him since January 2017 and if you want someone who won’t let you give up on yourself, he is your PT!

We smashed the 12-week challenge at my Goodlife Health Club this year, and we won the club winner! Definitely won’t shy away and not tell you off if you start to slack off. 10/10

Jenn H.


IMG_5330I’ve been working with Sacha since January this year, but after making the decision to work in Switzerland for six months it has been via online coaching since March.

Since I left Australia, with Sacha’s help, support and guidance, I have lost 11kg (and counting) in about 5 months and am fitter and stronger than I have ever been before. And better yet, I have still been able to enjoy all of Europe’s culinary delights on my occasional weekend getaways!

At the start, Sacha provided my daily nutritional requirements and weight training plan and each week he provides a program of “homework” that can be done in my hotel room (or anywhere really). Each week I report back on my weight, measurements, daily macros, calories burned from cardio, progress on the weights and just generally how I am feeling in a compact spreadsheet plus photos to visually track progress. Sacha then provides constructive feedback that further motivates you to keep at it. We also have regular Skype calls which again provides that extra support and is a great opportunity to ask questions for anything I’m not sure about. Although, I know I can contact him any time if I have a question or worry.

I probably would have kept up some sort of exercise regime while I was away, but with work stresses and fun trips planned, I know I would have ended up letting exercise and eating habits slide. Having Sacha tracking what I was doing and encouraging me to keep going made all the difference.

While I am looking forward to working with Sacha again in person next month, fo
Kate T.r those who aren’t in Brisbane or are away for extended periods of time, I can highly recommend Sacha as an online coach!




SD5 coaching delivers the complete package.

Fitness and strength work is tough but enjoyable, whilst the lifestyle and nutrition side of things gives you the correct mindset and attitude to be the best version of you for the rest of your life! Every aspect is tailored to suit individual clients’ needs – right down to knowing how to motivate YOU to squeeze out that extra bit of effort and discipline that you never knew you had. I’ve only been training with Sacha for about 8 weeks now but can already see and feel changes both physically and mentally (6kg fat loss). The SD5 training app is also a great little tool for monitoring progress (pics and stats) and allowing Sacha to keep track of and make adjustments to your plan. On top of that, he is never more than a message or phone call away.

Training doesn’t just start and end in the gym though. I’ve also had life coaching sessions away from the gym and these too were excellent!!
From feeling downcast and frustrated about the direction my life was going career wise, Sacha helped open my mind to the possibilities – supporting me in identifying changes that were needed, through goal setting and adopting positive practices into my daily routine.

I can’t imagine anyone being as good at this and would whole heartedly recommend Sacha to anyone even remotely curious about coaching, no matter what your goals may be.

I don’t train with a PT, I train with Sacha – coach, motivator and mate!

Steve H.




Sacha is an awesome coach. I’ve been to a few different personal trainers before and he is the first one that really cares about you, and getting you fit and strong. Big thumbs up! Great guy